npr bragging rights


npri don’t have any npr bragging rights, but my incredible sister does!

she was interviewed on npr’s ‘tell me more’ show last week for a study she conducted about the effects of  grandmothers being involved with their grandchildren’s care. it’s far more in-depth and intelligent than my synopsis, and it is perfect material on which for me to brag:

listen here, if you so desire!

is being on npr on anyone else’s life bucket/dream list? i thought so.

even if it’s car talk. even if i’m that guy from a show (burned in my memory, mind you) who called in to ask what in heaven’s name is “710” and how it affected his car. after much back-and-forth, click and clack determined that the guy had failed to turn the cap right-side up and was simply lacking O-I-L. see? this is just one of one million reasons why npr has a special place in my heart.

turns out, when that place in my heart is merged with the sister place in my heart- i start the initial stages of hyperventilating and have to remember to breathe…it’s just all so exciting.

so good job, doctor sister. i remain, as always, your biggest fan.

One thought on “npr bragging rights

  1. 710! ahahahahah!

    I have the best little sister. I really wish npr had asked me to talk about that too 🙂 next time….

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