reason to laugh at myself

for anyone that’s met me once (perhaps twice, depending on the conversation topic), the fact that i am not a “bigger is better” fan in the manner of vehicles should not be surprising.

in practical circumstances (such as farming or families of 12), it’s true they have a purpose. in nearly every other circumstance, however, i’m hard pressed to find good reason for more gas guzzling on the road.

enter north dakota. i arrived on a sunny day earlier this week, but was told that the weather would take a turn for the less wonderful and i should be prepared for anything. as my schedule required several days of multi-hour driving, i took this advice seriously.

Imagein my kindest voice possible (which, if you’ve heard it, you know that it really makes me sound like a little kid because it verges on downright squeaky), i inquired with the rental car company about a slight upgrade from the ‘economy’ car i had originally reserved.

equally as kindly, the gentleman said that he’d be happy to change it for no extra fee (success!). my options: a suburban or a truck. my thought process quickly ruled out suburban because i know those are huge and it’s only me, my hawaiian print duffle bag, and a banner that when stored resembles a rifle case. it would be just plain weird, i concluded.

a truck, on the other hand, at least had the potential to be small (for a truck). my dad’s truck was small, this one could be small, it could happen…right? i loaded my words with that desperate hope when i replied, but was quickly sucked back into reality when he cheerily slapped down the keys to my gigantic 4X4 bright blue ford f150 parked right outside.

i kept laughing at the whole situation during the drive…i do not feel comfortable in a big vehicle, much less a truck, much less a bright blue truck that is brand spankin’ new, much less being an average-sized blond lady with a hawaiian print duffle and a suspicious rifle case-shaped object (i.e. work banner).

needless to say, i’ve never received more compliments on my car than this week. north dakotans have trucks and use them, from what i’ve observed. i trust their opinion on this matter. so if they say my ride is cool, then my ride is cool.

that said, please allow me to introduce big blue:


happy driving!

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