this living room

Imagewhen i look at this recent photo of our newly decorated living room, i can’t help but notice several things:

a) the comment from my oklahoma best friend rings true, “oh hey, it reminds me of your room at your parents’ old house!” yes, the color scheme of that place was bright blue and electrifying lime green. alternating walls. star-shaped collages that i had made with the excessive photos i would print for 14 cents at the nearby drugstore. i was living the good life in a fantastically colorful room. when i matured, i thought that might be all behind me…but then i look at my closet, the apartment i share with my husband, and i realize this: rainbow is STILL my favorite color, and very i’m okay with that.

b) it strikes me as incredibly strange that our television is the focal point of this room. we hope to change that when our local thrift stores have another couch sale, but in the meantime, it looks odd. we use the screen to watch movies or shows from our computers every once in a while; i don’t even know what the cord looks like that would connect it to any television stations and we prefer it that way. yet we have, according to photographic evidence, become that family with the entertainment center as the headlining feature of the room. how will this country influence us next!

c) this little snapshot represents influences from colombia, guatemala, mozambique, ethiopia, eastern europe, and south africa. by the same token, the room would be lacking without goodwill (both the store and that of my friends, such as the gifted tv or the bookcase), the talents of the aforementioned oklahoma friend, home depot, and luis’ solid grasp of how paint, hammer, and nails operate (not my strong suit).

it’s an incredible conglomeration of what our life has become- a wild and colorful mixture of where we used to be, smashed together into who we are, and reflective of what we hope to be, which is to seek color and beauty wherever it can be found (and preferably in a low-budget, off-the-beaten-path sort of way).

in short, i like this living room.

p.s. for any who were following my 3-ring circle saga, here’s the update: ring 4 has snapped. i was walking back from the grocery store, it’s not a good story. the long-lasting ring-on-the-ankle is still going strong after i converted it to a necklace (to be more ski-boot friendly), however. rings: 4, rachel: 1

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