o.i.b. : the winter edition

IMG_20140204_171059yesterday, when the high was a whopping 2 degrees fahrenheit (although -16 celsius sounds more dramatic), i experienced a new sort of o.i.b (only in boulder) phenomenon:

being approached by an automobile driver asking if my bike and i would like a lift in a car because it was so cold outside. oh the humanity. we live in a town where people pride themselves in toughing it out for the sake of our mother nature. a place where we snub carbon emissions because we feel more in tune with our community by rolling up to the farmer’s market on our human-powered bundle of chains and wheels. a place where we would rather be caught dead than driving to the whole foods less than a mile away (unless perhaps we were buying half a dozen bundles of wood to fuel the eco-friendly hearth in our solar-powered cottage).

needless to say, i was flabbergasted by the kind offer of a ride. i realized after the fact that the kind soul of a driver was probably from out-of-state (my guess would be the midwest; we’re considerate like that), but my scarf was covering all but a slit for my eyes and i was too focused on avoiding the next ice patch in the road to scour his taillights for a plate.

the story ends uneventfully. i turned down the ride, not because i am cautious about riding with strangers or because i am driven by the all-consuming need to be a good boulderite, but simply because i was only half a mile from my house…and because i didn’t want to move my numb fingers more than necessary to cram the handlebars into the subaru’s hatchback (because of course he has a subaru; and in case you’re wondering, of course we do too). while pedaling away, i had a fleeting feeling of pride for being one of the few bikes on the road…and then i hit a patch of black ice, flailed mercilessly, and successfully made a fool of myself in front of all the passerbys behind the rolled-up windows, sealed in by their blasting heaters. welcome to winter, boulder.

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