dedicated to the stuff we eat

this is a home where all inhabitants love to eat, even the cat. from last night’s homemade pizza to this morning’s apple muffins (with a half-baked streusel on top, which we’ll say i did on purpose)- food should be an experience from start to finish.

we recently returned from a jaunt in colombia where we greatly enjoyed, perhaps too much, the cuisine. the above pictured beans are topped by rice, fresh cilantro, and hogao (the onion/tomato blend on top). i was also sure to consume my fill of arepa, plátano (all ways), empanadas de pipián, and juices of all sorts (specifically lulo, pictured below).


back in our corner of the world, i tend towards more of the baked goods side dishes or desserts (with an occasional main dish, so long as it too can be tossed in the oven). below i’ve included an old classic, angel biscuits (which require me to call my mom every single time to ask the baking temperature) and a new favorite, spaghetti squash.

      IMG_20131103_093700                             IMG_20140129_202152

what you do not see pictured here are the dozens of cookies, brownies, and batches of fresas con crema that i’ve happily churned out over the years. while we do not claim to uphold the absolute model of health, i am a fierce advocate for moderation in all things….except perhaps vegetables and running (with those, go crazy). recent conversations with friends regarding their newest diets or “eating modification plans” have led to finally write down my basic understanding of food and health. it is this*:

eat vegetables. enjoy the experience of food from start to finish. eat locally grown and raised food whenever possible, as fresh as possible. include sweets, just not too many. drink water. embrace the freedom that experimenting with new foods and methods of cooking brings, rather than limit yourself by any do-not list. move often, preferably in nature. find a hobby that requires movement and jump into it. take walks outside, even if it’s cold. and again, embrace the freedom that health and fitness brings, rather than limit yourself to the sub-standard quality of life that results from inactivity and apathy.

may your new year be filled with a healthy blend of vitamins, cake, and daily exercise.

*assuming no food-related allergies.

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