the year in review

pathi’m not generally an advocate for listing all sorts of details that are only interesting to me, but for the sake of looking back in 67 years when i’ll have no memory…i’m going to do it.

the following list are some ‘lights (highlights, lowlights, etc.) from 2013:

-traveled to portland, seattle/bellingham, las vegas, alaska, north carolina, oklahoma, and wyoming

-was surprised by a trip to see a dear friend in toronto

-canoed 21 miles of the colorado river

-tried skiing (cross-country and downhill) and loved it

-established that the best pizza in colorado is found in glenwood springs

-started trad climbing

-ran my second organized marathon (and saw a moose while doing such)

-drove the manual in traffic without desiring to toss the clutch out the window and myself with it

-strolled around a flooded boulder

-became a snowshoe owner


-got (and fell in love with) our 14-year-old fluffy cat

-celebrated my newly PhD-ed sister from afar

-camped and hiked in yellowstone, great sand dunes, conundrum, rmnp, canyonlands, arches, indian peaks, the foothills, and more

-hiked longs peak & climbed my first flatiron

-started an exciting long-term project

-changed positions at my job to one that i absolutely love

-perfected the art of carrying too many groceries via bicycle (including bananas on the handlebars)

-saw denali from afar, but still did not see a bear IMG_8663 copy

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