hi, hi-tech seattle

i know seattle is the home to the futuristic space needle and no doubt a plethora of hi-tech coffee thingymajigs as well, but nonetheless i was not expecting the following events to occur:

-a rental car with blinkers so sensitive that changing lanes became a 4-minute ordeal with signaling to the right, then trying to turn it off but instead tapping it just a wee bit too hard…resulting in signaling to the left…and repeat.


-a house with an alarm so secure that we were under house arrest because, unbeknownst to us, the door separating the main level from the basement was ajar…so the alarm could not be set. so we could not leave. so we stared in stunned silence at this device until we concluded that glaring would do no good. then we considered ordering pizza. (it ends well; we left the home unalarmed.)

-an oven, strategically placed behind the aforementioned alarm, so eager to bake something that a small bump from the rump caused it to turn on and begin preheating to 425. we turned and pushed and scrolled any options we could find on that dazzling hunk of steel, but we couldn’t figure out how to turn it off. turns out it was also a touch screen and we only had to push cancel. the oven was already at 375 by that point.

needless to say, the farmer’s markets were nice and the cafes were full of great egg concoctions and coffee….but the seattle we saw was a bit more hi-tech than i anticipated/was ready for. we were grateful to arrive home to our leaking, chilly, simple bolted lock apartment in the end.

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