the buzzword of resilience


i attended a conference last month for scholarship providers, and one of the sessions tossed around the word “resilience” like it was the newest idea since sliced bread. i did not consider it much beyond the door of the meeting room, but somehow this buzzword has managed to slip back in and wind itself around my thoughts. i should be annoyed that it’s coloring my views of our student demographics, but instead i am stunned. in the last three days i have been surrounded by resilient scholars, determined to be lifelong learners. they are resilient- determined to look forward with hope and determined all the more to achieve, knowing the obstacles full well. i can’t, and will not, make claims for all minority populations- but i can say that the students i’ve spoken with and listened to and seen in action are a remarkable example of this. their commitment, and struggle, to merge native traditions with higher education studies is an inspiration that people can, and in fact do, make the world a better place by respecting the past and looking towards the future.

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