_MG_7653 copyi’ve been thinking these thoughts for awhile now, and it seemed rude not to share them (for they are rather amusing).

throughout my runs and gallivants around my current neck of the woods, i have compiled this list of things that i’m pretty sure are O.I.B (Only In Boulder):

-a neighborhood squirrel munching on a cliff bar

-sidewalks and bike paths that are cleared of snow before the main roads

_MG_7845 copy

-more plays on the word “brew” and “hops” than i can even recount (although a recent one comes to mind with an upcoming “brewgrass” festival)

-at least 14 hiking trails within cycling distance from my front door

-garage sale signs advertising “toys, clothes, and free beer”

-advertised jobs where having your own bike is mandatory

…and so on. i love living here for this time.

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