i vampired myself and nat geo doesn’t know my name

…and all of this happened after 5pm on a saturday. as everyone is well aware, saturday* evenings are designed to be one of two things: very crazed or very mellow. for the night owls among us, it probably entails all sorts of things that drain my head just to think about (including anything alcohol, which would put me to sleep in a matter of minutes). for the mellow-minded, it is more likely to resemble evenings at our stomping ground: amazing race episodes that aired in the 90s, making garlic bread to supplement anything (and using copious amounts of garlic to do so), sharpening our rummikub or escoba skills, and generally just lounging on our fantastic red futon.

so tonight we went climbing at movement, an event that occurs when cold spells drive us indoors, and i climbed a new route. this is nothing unorthodox; they change the routes so often that we are often pressed for time to work on and send anything before it’s reconfigured into a different sequence of moves. i was tired after flailing around several out-of-my-league attempts, but this particular route seemed doable. so i squished and squirmed my way towards the top of the wall, jutting my limbs to whatever angle would hold me, and in a delicate effort to secure my rope to the next quickdraw…i bit my own hand. and yes, it drew blood. lesson learned: vampiring oneself does not make for a better climber, simply a faster one (in a mad dash to complete it and get down to nurse the wound).

to add insult to injury, very literally, i also discovered this in the mail today:


while i appreciate the gesture that this company is at least acknowledging that i ordered this national geographic subscription two months ago, i cannot help but wonder, “who the heck is christy ludwig?! and why is she sending my husband the exact same anniversamas gift as i?!”

beware, the christy ludwigs of the world are out to steal your ideas and your husbands…or something like that.

*while i recognize the calendar would disagree with my assignment of days, my tuesday-saturday work schedule has re-wired my personal calendar. today is my saturday, go with it.

One thought on “i vampired myself and nat geo doesn’t know my name

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