and so it was


Imagethat a simple reminder email from my pops would invoke this desire to pick up old habits and write again. it isn’t as though i neglected writing for loftier goals; simply different goals that produced more bill-pay friendly benefits. after completing my thesis and moving to colorado, i spent four months putting a new spin on preexisting news articles for a unified communications website, uc strategies, a few months laboring over a few very fun articles for an online bicycle touring guide site (my biggest claim to fame being this article that comes up on the 4th page of google after searching for “kansas cycling,” see?), and nearly two months assisting with the blogs for my current employer’s newly revamped website.

i wouldn’t change a moment of those articles, posts, or blogs- but all too often i found that other stories were pushing to come out; ridiculous tales of daily life that begged to influence the “professional” content i was expected to create. so, with the snow taking its sweet time coming over the mountain, i resolve to start capturing these moments and days in one central place: this blog.

soon i’ll write about living in boulder, bike commuting, wedding rings, climbing, jogging in the cold, job hunting, job finding and job losing, my friends and their babies, wanting a cat or a monkey, and the overall adventure that is this lifetime.

in the meantime, please go do something thrilling today- even if it’s just wearing mismatched socks.

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